Define-words2Ascendant Planned Giving, Inc. is a philanthropic advisory practice based in South Florida serving clients nationally. We work with individuals, families, and small businesses helping them plan, assess and manage their charitable endeavors.

We view effective philanthropy as an investment of “you” that is designed with clear personal and social goals in mind. We’ll show you how to strategically give time & money to the things you care most about.

One of our goals is to help clients to invest in their own values, communities and societies for maximum impact. Initiatives may target a wide range of social issues, including education, health, issues affecting youth and families, hunger and nutrition, housing and homelessness, community and economic development, civic engagement, environmental issues and the arts. Successful philanthropic endeavors aim for long-term positive impact.

The most rewarding and sustainable giving is based on the connection of a donor’s passions, critical community needs and strategic philanthropy.

Strategy, combined with the values and passionate concerns of donors, brings about giving that makes a difference. Strategic philanthropy can move donors toward a deeper understanding of the issues they care about and guide them through the process of creating significant change.

At Ascendant Planned Giving, we seek to increase the impact of philanthropy in society by:

  • Working with donors to make their giving more strategic, effective and enjoyable;
  • Developing creative, leveraged and useful philanthropic approaches to solving important social issues;
  • Inspiring more individuals, families, companies and organizations to become deeply involved in philanthropy.

Generosity for generations

b8279282-9b92-44cd-95d8-bf9ce01911acJon Sahn, CAP® founded Ascendant Planned Giving, Inc. Jon moved to Boca Raton from New York in 1998.  He began a successful career in the financial industry in 1996 helping individuals and business owners protect their wealth. His journey over the past years has fueled his passion to activate an initiative focusing on the long term support and success of our communities and charitable organizations. He utilizes charitable giving and insurance strategies to maximize the financial impact his clients can have upon themselves, their families and their communities.

We value the participation of individuals and families in planned philanthropy. We value the contributions of countless individual philanthropists who generously contribute to our society’s well-being. We also recognize that there is great value in the donor’s decision to engage his or her family in philanthropic conversations. The privilege of participating in the philanthropic process and the joy that often comes from this participation are the gifts to the donor and family.

We value the personal acts of generosity that inspire philanthropy.

We value the participation of new voices. These voices may come from the newly wealthy, new donors or those who inherit a charitable tradition from their parents and grandparents. We are committed to embracing our responsibility for inspiring, preparing, and supporting a new generation of philanthropic leaders.

We value the donor’s right and ability to direct charitable assets through the philanthropic vehicles and to programs of choice. We believe that the appropriateness and effectiveness of both the philanthropic vehicle is largely dependent on the donor’s goals for both family and community.

We value the pursuit of excellence in philanthropy. As we value the rights of donors to make choices appropriate to their mission and purpose, we recognize that there are responsibilities attendant to those rights. We understand that donors and potential donors often learn best from those who share their circumstances and experiences.

We value collaboration and respect our colleagues in this work. We respect and value the work of our colleagues engaged in serving the field of philanthropy. We also recognize that our work may involve a community whose commitment to serving individuals of wealth, families, small businesses, and others in this arena may well be enhanced by the philanthropic information and programming we have to share.

We value the role that philanthropy plays in society. We value a public climate and public policy that are supportive of the active engagement of philanthropy in this society. We are committed to informing the public of the contributions and value of family philanthropy. We believe this commitment can enhance our ability to reach potential donors.

We value professional, one‐on‐one guidance and support that shapes a successful planned giving and endowment program. Additionally, we’re devoted to helping you improve the effectiveness of your philanthropy by providing highly personalized services at a reasonable cost.

Our Position

Few things have the potential to define your life as perfectly as the legacy you leave when you’re gone.

The ideas of social entrepreneurship and strategic philanthropy create a familial paradigm shift, empowering generations now and into the future to “lead” a legacy.

At Ascendant Planned Giving we believe that families of generosity impact society for the better. Because of the deep nature of the philanthropic process, when a family intentionally explores its shared ideas and interests concerning charitable giving, something transformative often occurs. It is our intention to encourage families and their advisors to incorporate values oriented, philanthro-centric conversations as a part of their estate and financial planning discussions. Ascendant Planned Giving works with both charitable organizations and private donors, striving to make the greatest social impact by employing an entrepreneurial spirit, an adaptive nature, and an outward-looking foresight. Working together with your current advisors, we customize and implement strategic plans to strengthen the family unit, solve problems and positively impact humanity.

As experts in charitable gift planning we help qualified nonprofit organizations develop and implement successful gift planning programs, which allows them to create stable revenue streams. The outcome is that their missions will be sustainable both now and in perpetuity.

For the many leaders of all ages out to change the world, this process provides an invaluable road map. Many families consider this to be their “true wealth.”

To learn more about how Ascendant Planned Giving can assist you with this process, please contact us.

Ascendant Planned Giving, Inc. is registered as a Professional Fundraising Consultant with the State of Florida. (FC39030)