A big part of the legacy you leave is how it involves and impacts the next generation. Our work with multi-generational families around their philanthropy helps to ensure continuity of purpose across generations while providing an opportunity for all family members to have a voice in the charitable planning process.

Realizing your philanthropic goals begins with a conversation. Every engagement begins with a conversation about what matters most to our client. We explore your interests and passions, what you’d like to accomplish, and begin formulating a strategy with you.

Today, many parents and adults include both children and young adults in philanthropic activities as a way to pass on personal values, provide shared experiences, establish traditions, and enjoy a satisfying family project.

Engaging in Effective Philanthropy

To create your culture of family giving, begin by helping the children in your life understand their history. The telling of family stories naturally helps to relay the values your family holds dear, and the experience of telling these stories can be an exciting one, grounding your giving in your unique history.

One of the greatest joys in family philanthropy is watching a new generation of family members come into their own as philanthropists.

Most people have worked with traditional methods of financial planning but feel disconnected from the process. The process seems cold and impersonal. Their current plans do not reflect who they are as individuals nor does it represent what they stand for.

We help families focus on their values as well as their valuables. By creating a family vision and getting everyone to work together as a collaborative team, the family becomes more united, stronger, and more impactful.

At Ascendant, we help families create strategic philanthropic plans that reflect their personal interests and contribute to positive social change. As philanthropic advisors, we can coach families through the process of assembling the key components for effective and meaningful family philanthropy.

The Process

Our process rewards individuals who wish to make sure that their financial and estate plans include charitable giving. Working side-by-side with your family and current advisors we lead the way with you on how to implement a strategy that provides these ongoing advantages:

  • Offers donors the flexibility to support charitable organizations over time and after their death
  • Allows both increased giving to valued charities as well as reduced estate taxes
  • Serves as a final message that reflects a donors personal values and leaves a lasting legacy

Our expertise addresses the human side of family legacy planning, and our process views the family assets as its individuals.

Rewarding Family Experience
The potential rewards of a family giving initiative are extraordinary. Some of the benefits and rewards you may experience include the following:

  • A chance to express and act upon the family’s shared values
  • An opportunity to strengthen and pass on a family legacy
  • Deepened connection to each other and the outside world
  • An intergenerational common ground
  • A place to learn about the meaning and responsibilities of wealth
  • A challenge to make a significant difference in the world
  • A journey of shared learning about the world and each other.

Philanthropy can strengthen family ties and offer family members a unique opportunity to communicate and act on their shared values.

Calling on the support of professionals who are immersed in philanthropy can not only help to ensure that the intent of your giving is followed but it can enhance the experience, increase the level of satisfaction from your charitable activities and deepen family relationships.