Left a lasting legacy in 2011

Dorothy was a lover of life. When she was a child her favorite thing to do was go away to camp. She loved to sail, swim, and play sports. As a volunteer for an organization which offers severely developmentally and mentally handicapped females full range of therapy and educational programs, she recognized the impact that a week in a mainstream girls camp setting made on these young women.

Every summer she send two girls with developmental disabilities to sleepaway camp.

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Dr Patrick Stuart

Left a lasting legacy in 1967

At age four Dr. Stuart was placed in his first foster home and by age 14 he had already lived with thirteen different families. There have been so many helpers along the way and giving back is what he was meant to do. He became a Pediatrician in an inner city clinic where he often cared for children at the edges of society. His legacy was to encourage children like himself to believe in themselves and give back in a positive way to their communities. Dr. Stuart utilized a charitable remainder trust to leave income for his daughter until her death and the remainder went to the cause he cared so much about.

This fall he’ll send 2 ex-foster care young adults to medical school.

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Chick Evans Jr.

Left a lasting legacy in 1979

An avid golfer, “Chick” began his love of the game caddying at a local country club at the age of 8. He became a world class amateur golfer. Coming from a family of modest means, Chick was not able to complete college due to lack of adequate finances. So he decided to start a foundation with the endorsement money he received from golfing sponsors to finance college education for needy caddies.

Every year he awards over 200 deserving young caddies a full housing and tuition scholarship to local Universities.

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Sandra Brooks

Left a lasting legacy in 1999

As a school dietician, Sandra knew the correlation of having proper nutrition to success in the classroom.
Sandra wasn’t rich, but because she gifted the proceeds of her life insurance to support the school lunch program for needy children, a few more students have the energy to succeed in school.

Every year Sandra provides 400 nutritional school lunches to needy children.

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Lt. Colonel William Cunningham

Left a lasting legacy in 1978

As an officer during the Vietnam War, William Cunningham saw firsthand the hardships of disabled soldiers returning from combat. Thanks to a bequest in his will he provides the funds to purchase the building materials and professional labor needed to build a new home or to adapt an existing home for handicapped accessibility. The finished home is then given to the veteran.

Lt. Colonel William Cunningham continues to house disabled veterans returning from combat.

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Generosity for generations

b8279282-9b92-44cd-95d8-bf9ce01911acJon Sahn, CAP® founded Ascendant Planned Giving, Inc. Jon moved to Boca Raton from New York in 1998.  He began a successful career in the financial industry in 1996 helping individuals and business owners protect their wealth. His journey over the past years has fueled his passion to activate an initiative focusing on the long term support and success of our communities and charitable organizations. He utilizes charitable giving and insurance strategies to maximize the financial impact his clients can have upon themselves, their families and their communities.

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