What does successful philanthropy look like to you?

“Ascendant Planned Giving is doing amazing work and I am grateful they shared their story on my show. They made me think and evaluate my own situation, and if they were able to do that with me, then I know they reached a lot of people in our audience as well. I’m looking forward to talking to them again in the future!”
William Eisenbrandt, host, “Success From the Field” presented by NetworkedWealth.com

“Jon Sahn has it going on. Not only does he show individuals how to live and give but he also shares strategies that will help charitable non profit organizations survive and leave an inheritance for generations to come.”
Derrick Hayes, Nominator of Today’s Honoree

“Ascendant Planned Giving was an amazing guest on our show. They brought insightful advice on charitable giving that benefited everyone who listened to our show. It was a pleasure to have them as a guest!”
Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is, Radio Show

“Thank you again, please sign up to come back on the show when you have the time.
What you have to offer is something that few people have given any thought to, they need to.”

Vickey Wachtel, Fast Talk with Vickey Wachtel, Tough Talk Radio

At the request of my Attorney, I met and talked with Jon Sahn of Ascendant Planned Giving, about an old life insurance policy my husband and I had purchased in 1991 for tax planning. My husband passed on and I did not want to continue paying so much money in premium each year. Meeting with Jon was refreshing. I learned a lot about the policy I owned. Jon asked me many questions about what I wanted to accomplish in my life going forward. I told him that I did not want to pay the policy’s premium any longer. He explained, after review of the policy, that it was possible for the cash value in the policy to sustain the insurance benefit for the rest of my life. Jon also asked about my family and philanthropic endeavors. After our conversation, he also told me that it was possible to use the cash value of my current policy to purchase more insurance for my family’s benefit. This was exactly what I wanted. Jon and his team were helpful, patient, caring and attentive at all times. With their help, I am now in a better position to consider how I wish to make an impact upon my family and the community we live in.
Bernice M.

When we started to discuss estate planning, we decided that, after putting aside an adequate amount for our children, the rest should go toward the things we care about most. Over the years, we have given our time to organizations that provide educational awareness and promote the importance of health and well-being. We get great pleasure from helping people maintain healthy lifestyles. We realized there would be no better legacy than helping to protect and support the superb organizations that share a similar mindset. Ascendant Planned Giving is a natural fit for this ambition, as it is committed to helping people like us explore our passions and to developing creative ways to make a gift. We like Ascendant’s collaborative approach and their ability to help us communicate what we wanted to accomplish. We know that money given to the organizations of our choice will create significant change and be used to ensure that future generations will also be able to experience the same kind of support.
Mark and Jackie R.

My wife and I have been long-term supporters of pediatric cancer research. We know firsthand the struggles faced by families whose children have cancer and we are dedicated to helping. We have always admired the people who focus on resourcefully solving the most pressing issues throughout the U.S.
In these difficult economic times, we were looking for ways to continue to support cancer research, early detection, and treatment for children. What better way to accomplish this than by including our favorite charity in our will? It is a wonderful way for people like us, with a fixed income, to give to an organization that so consistently delivers progressive results for children living with this life-threatening illness.

Michael K.

Our family has enjoyed camping and visiting national parks for years. We are involved in our local community’s conservation effort and value its wildlife and natural resources. In developing our estate plans, we believed it was important to give back, not just to specific people in our families, but also as a lasting gift to ideas we are passionate about. For us that means a commitment to preserve and protect animal and plant species and their habitat, which in a greater sense protects the vital ecosystems we all depend on.
We’ve chosen to include our passion in our estate plan. In addition to making annual gifts to the group we believe makes the greatest impact, we’ve purchased an insurance policy guaranteeing the continuation of that gift in perpetuity.
Ascendant Planned Giving is an inspiring, results-oriented group which has earned our respect and our thanks. They have continually impressed us with the passion and extreme work ethic they bring to their efforts.

Dan and Susan L.